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      Dongguan JoeSure Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Professional independent R & D, production and salesClip feeder, high-speed clip feeder, high-speed NC servo roller feeder
      Small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises and high-tech products

      +86 13580817073
      +86 0769-82210233


      Gripper feeder High-speed gripper feeder High-speed NC dual-axis servo roller feeder Non-standard customized feeder



      Years of concentration and strengthHas nearly 20 technical patents certified by the state

      Founded in 2011, it has been committed to the production and development of high-speed feeders, and has nearly 20 nationally certified technical patents

      Has several high-end processing equipment such as CNC, CNC lathe, high production efficiency, good processing accuracy


      Large stocks, quality assuranceA large number of standard models are available for a long time

      A large number of standard models are available for a long time

      Standard parts can be shipped in the afternoon in the province, and can be shipped the next day outside the province.


      Professional and high-quality staffCore R & D team with more than 10 industry experience and more than 10 R&D team members

      Every part is subject to rigorous inspection to ensure no mistakes.

      Experience saves you a lot of time


      3-5 years without any quality problemsHigh quality service to solve your questions

      After sales call is 24 hours online, contact directly if you have any questions.

      It can be solved on the second day in the province and on the third day outside the province.

      Our product advantage

      Industry applications

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      About us

      Dongguan JoeSure Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Dongguan JoeSure Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, a well-known international manufacturing city. It is a modern, high-tech, high-precision punching machine that integrates R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, maintenance and transformation of imported punch feeders. Technology enterprise for automation equipment.
      In order to improve the core technology of the product, the company pursues high-performance high-end clip feeders with high product stability and high pertinence, and purchases three-dimensional and other professional precision parts testing equipment, CNC machining centers and other high-precision CNC machining and supporting equipment. The external DMG five-axis processing equipment of Japan has introduced the technology of high-speed clamp-type CNC feeders from Japan and the United States, absorbing the essence of feeders in the high-precision stamping industry, and combined with our company’s valuable experience accumulated in the feeder industry for many years. National patented technology, in recent years, it has successfully launched a variety of humanized and convenient products...




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